Here are some testimonials from a noted film director, the U.S. government, literary agents, a film composer, screenplay writers, book writers, and film industry professionals, who have used our services through the Film Connection at

We are continuing to work with the Film Connection to help with writing and promotion.   


Noted Film Director "Thank you very much for your help in sending out my query letter to your database of film producers and agents for my proposed co-production with a U.S. producer for my new film project: JOURNEY TO THE WEST, about a Chinese monk who comes to Brooklyn, New York.  As a result of your query, I received interest from a producer at Warner Brothers and am working out arrangements with a major L.A. producer.  I find your service a helpful way to bring together the film industry in China, Hong Kong, and other countries with the West, and I hope to use your service again for future projects."        

Lee Lik Chee
Director of Shaolin Soccer, Legend of the Dragon, and over 20 films
Hong Kong/China (For additional details, see my profile and filmography)

U.S. Government Agencies "We were delighted at our success of using your service to set up meetings for a delegation of senior executives in the animation entertainment industry from Hong Kong seeking introductions to U.S. companies involved in films and toys and games, as well as financing.  The response exceeded our expectations.  We directed people to respond to our Website and had over 100 responses.  We set up over 200 one-on-one meetings, and even had a waiting list for our reception and breakfast.  Both the Hong Kong delegates and U.S. companies were very happy with the high quality of the participants on both sides.  I also appreciate your help in writing the letters for our mailing.  You were able to highlight
what was important to both sides, and it made it so much easier for me to have your knowledgeable, expert assistance.   Thank you again for all your help."
        Maura Kim
        Senior International Trade Specialist
        U.S. Commercial Service

U.S. Department of Commerce Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks so much for your help in drafting a letter and sending it out on behalf of a delegation of senior executives from the Hong Kong film industry coming to Southern California.  In our effort to outreach to the film industry to seek appropriate U.S. firms to meet with the delegates for production and distribution opportunities as well as obtain financing from venture capitalists and private investors for their companies, a partnership with your firm and your resources was invaluable!  We received over 100 enthusiastic responses from our query, and had the challenging pleasure of sorting through the many interested parties to prioritize and set up meetings for the executives.  Thank you again for a professional job well done."        

Kristin Houston International Trade Specialist   U.S. Commercial Service Newport Beach, CA
Literary Agents
"Our literary agency had a number of novels we wanted to adapt for TV or film.  Through this service, within a day we received two dozen responses from interested producers.  This method reached the right Hollywood people in a cost effective and efficient manner.  We plan on using it again" 

Mike Valentino, AAR Member
Cambridge Literary
Newburyport, Massachusetts

Composer of Film Scores
"Thanks a lot of for the 'hit' which came from your first mailshot.  The U.S. movie I did the score for, The List, is now almost ready to be sold and is looking good.  It's a full-length romantic comedy by Marcus Folmar, directed by Brandon Sonnier and starring Wayne Brady, Brad Dourif, Syndney Tamiia Poitier, Flex Alexander, Illeana Douglas and Matthew Glave.  It's about an ad executive who gets jilted when he proposes to his girlfriend on a live TV show.  So he makes a list of all the things that make up his perfect woman."  

       Adrian Williams

Screenplay Writers, TV Show Developers,
and Writers Selling Film Rights to Books

"Just wanted to let you know your service was a success for my screenplay, RESCUING MADISON.  I received ten requests for my script and that's much better than your competitor's results.  Your list is obviously better and I'm sure a lot of hard work goes into keeping it updated.  Two of the ten companies have already read the script and are considering it.  I'm looking forward to my next query for my new script IF THAT AIN'T COUNTRY."

        Terry Brody
        Bellerose, New York
"Thank you for sending out my equery first to producers and then to agents...I had 25 responses to the producer query, and three requests from agents...on the whole I'm very pleased with your service."

       Miranda Cobbold
       Marion, Massachusetts
"Thanks for sending everything out.  The replies have already starting coming in for my idea for a new TV game show...I have had two producers and one agent who have requested them so far.  One of those producers says she is seriously considering developing a couple of them...And now about three more producers sent me release forms and yet another agent wants me to call or email him in the middle of July."

       Terry Mitchell
       Hopewell, Virginia
"I have received several positive responses from agencies and production companies (thank-you!)  They are now requesting a full script...And thank you kindly for attending to my e-query letter...Thanks for the great work...much appreciated."

        Silvana Simic-Bentley
        Queensland, Australia 
"Let me report to you the result of my recent query to film producers.  I had some serious contacts...So all and all I am pleased with the query result.  Now I am thinking to try the same thing with agents and managers."

          Oge Eray
          Author of Counterclockwise
Northport, New York
"Hi, Gini.  Doing Well so far with the query letters for Freak, maybe 10 to 12 invites so far."

           Jonathan W. Harnisch
           Long Beach, California
"This letter with your changes sounds great.  I am very pleased.  Thanks...And good news already.  I got a call from a producer who wanted to see the entire script, that it looked interesting and that he liked controversial subject like the script....Hope this is a good omen."

         Ruben Whittington
         Walnut, California
"Wow, it is truly amazing how fast people request.  In two days alone, four requests came in for a copy of the book for which we are selling film rights for a political/medical thriller.  Even those not interested responded quickly and were very nice."

      Judy and Gil Snider
      Authors of Brain Warp
Virginia Beach, Virginia 
"Gini provides an invaluable link for writers to the difficult corporate worlds of publishing and movie production. Editors, agents, and movie producers take her communications seriously, and respond lightning-fast. Whether a first-time novelist, an aspiring screenwriter or a seasoned journalist, biographer, or fiction warhorse, everyone receives immediate entry to and response from the publishing and production jungle. I highly recommend her service." 

        Barry Willis
        New York, New York
"This is definitely a GREAT SUCCESS story not only for me but also for the Victims...You have an amazing service and if you ever need a spokesperson then be sure to keep me in mind....I wanted to thank you for the services you provided in your submission service.  I was amazed at the responses that I received for my TV reality show and how quick they started after I received confirmation that the submissions had taken placed.  I have signed an agreement with a production company in Burbank, California and we are scheduled to start the production of a pilot show in February 2007.  I would encourage anyone that has a story and believes in everything they wrote to get it submitted by Publishers and agents.  It was obvious that you have a passion to help others and I say this with a lot of confidence and credit this from my personal experience with you and the time you took to personally respond to my questions.  I am excited about my show and it will certainly be one of the most positive shows on TV with a defined purpose.  I know that in the very near future this show will be the leading tool to bring changes by creating public awareness in our communities.  Thanks again."

    Greg Dillon
    Creator of THE OFFENDERS
    Soddy Daisy, Tennessee
"I just wanted you to know that I ended up signing a six month agreement to represent the film rights for my historical novel Copper Star."

      Suzanne Woods Fisher
      Alamo, California
"I had great responses for my equery to film producers, prodcos, and agents..  I ended up sending out my graphic novel to about 12 places."

       Kathy Gold
       Mission Hills, California
"Dear Gini: first of all WOW! THANKS SO MUCH.  It's already getting results...I am thrilled.  And here's a quote you can use: 'Writer's write, Gini PROMOTES.  Let her help you and keep your feet on the ground because if you have an unique idea, Gini is THE WAY to get you noticed above the fray: I will use her for all of my projects!'"

      Barbara Bitela
      Author of Full Moon Morning: A Shanghai Survivor Story
Roseville, California
"We have been getting tons of contacts from our equery to producers and agents for the film rights to the screenplay by Renee Michelle Moore based on my published book Loving Joe Gallucci.  Thanks."

       Kate Genovese
       Woburn, Massachusetts
"Good news already.   Got a call today from a major production company.  The producer said that he received the letter and wanted to see the entire script, that it looked interesting and that he liked controversial subjects like the script.  I hope this is a good omen.  And thanks so much for your revisions of my letter.  It sounds great.  I am very pleased.  Thanks so much."

          Rick Wadsworth
          Clayton, California     
"I personally appreciate all the prior recommendations for writing my letter....I also received many contacts, including many e-mails and a phone call, with some success and interest."

       George Bajszar
       Author of Alien Story
Highland Ranch, Colorado
"I think the initial responses are encouraging for my proposed TV game show, including responses from some major film companies and studios...Thanks for everything."

        Ken Beckrich
        Elbert, Colorado  
"Thanks for all your help in co-writing and pitching my script The Senate."

James Gichine
        Raleigh, North Carolina
"Just wanted to give you a quick update...We got a lot of good feedback and, so far, four agencies have requested to see more of our work.  Obviously, we're very excited and wanted to thank you with all your help through the process...Thanks again."

       Ken Nadzak
       Creator of Meet the Martins, TV Series
       Orlando, Florida
"Gini, I've had about 10 people ask for a copy of my book  to consider for film rights...and I'm a bit overwhelmed by the positive response so far -- I asked that it would be a while before anyone even responded...Thanks for all your help...BTW, my husband works in advertising -- he says I've gotten a better response rate than most direct mail pieces! :)

      Tisha Green
      Author of The Christmas Socks, a Christmas tale for children
      Jackson, Mississippi
"Wow, that was quick for just a few hours!  So far I have replies for ICM, William Morris, and a few other notables.  I am so excited!  This is the best response I've received in three years of making unsuccessful query attempts!...I've incorporated some of your suggested into my query...Thank you so much for your guidance in creating a successful query!  Thanks Gini!"

       Lauren C. Freeman
       Author of The Dove
       Oakland, California
"Working with Gini Graham Scott has been excellent.  She's organized, responsive, and extremely efficient.  I received 22 positive responses; 7 wanted to get the script right away, and 15 were very interested in the idea.  Also, every time I called with questions, she was there and answered them.  That meant a lot to me as a newcomer to this industry."

         Peggy Horn
         Author of Minute Waltz
Lafayette, California
"I used your blast for a TV pilot script, and got a couple of phone calls and around 15 positive responses from the query.  Thank you.  The overall results are actually a little better than I expected."

        William Tree
        Author of Hotel Vertigo, a gangster drama series
        Los Angeles, California
"Thanks, Gini.  Am overwhelmed with the response for my TV comedy series."

         Elizabeth Fein
         Author of 77 Halsey Street
Brooklyn, New York
"The response has been fantastic!  I have gotten 13 requests for the script, include an agent at one of the largest agencies.  One producer said this has Oscar written all over it...Your service is the best!  I will keep you informed as to the progress.  Thanks again."

        Wayne Josephson
        Author of American Jury
Edina, Minnesota
"I've already had one phone call and 3 follow-up e-mails asking for more information for my reality TV show proposal -- in the first hour!  I'm looking forward to getting this project done, and can't thank you enough for the jump start."

        Michael A. Kelly
        President, Card Promotions
"I have gotten at least 7 requests for my script.  So I sing the praises of your service. :-)

        Serena Lowe
        Author of Monster Mash
Fayetteville, Georgia   
"Just a note to say thanks.  So far, I've received sixteen requests for my screenplay, Francey.  All I've wanted was to be able to get my stuff read by people who could make things happen, and you've provided that vehicle for me.  Additionally, your help with my synopsis was invaluable."

        Martin Dubow
        Tujunga, California
"I'm pretty overwhelmed, with over 70 replies to my query...and eleven flat-out requests for the script Sitting Pretty."

         Mark Ellis
         Portland, Oregon
"Ten requests for the script in 24 hours.  This is a great service!"

         Bill Johnson
         Author of Unintended Consequences
         Portland, Oregon
"Wow, Gini, I'm inundated.  Over a hundred e-mail responses.  I'm still sorting through them, but so far four script requests and two direct phone calls for more info.  Thanks so much...And thanks for the superb suggestions/corrections for my query letter."

        Jonathan M. Schwartz
        Author of Harold's Revenge
    Ocala, Florida 
"The new way for writers to contact film producers and agents is e-mailing -- cheap, efficient, and right to the point.  Gini's service does exactly that at a fair price, and I was swamped with replies in the first day!  She knows what you need to send, and has a huge list of agents and producers.  I am still digging out and sending out copies of two of my screenplays to interested agents and producers.  Keep up the good work, Gini!

        Jeff Buckingham
        Author of Born to Heal, I, II, and III and Frederick and Emily, I and II
Vallejo, California

"I'm pretty overwhelmed with over 70 replies to my query, including eleven flat-out requests for the script."

        Mark Ellis
        Author of Sitting Pretty
Portland, Oregon
"I've had some amazing feedback and a heap of interest in my inspirational TV show, which is awesome...I've had responses from someone wanting to present it to Warner Brothers and CBS.  Thanks for everything so far."

       Lisa Reid
       Queensland, Australia
"I'm delighted and am systematically plowing through it all...THANK YOU!  This is great! is the most incredible service.  I have never ever experienced such support and ease in presenting my work to the world.  Gini is a consumate professional.  The responses are immediate.  Literally!  This a true gift to artists with clear intentions to be well presented and published."

        Debbie Robins
        Los Angeles Film Producer/Life and Career Coach
        Los Angeles, California
"I have to be honest, I did not know what to expect with your service, but it sounded more personable than other options out there.  It only took a few hours to start receiving responses for my script THE BEST MAN.  I have already had over twenty requests to read my script and most are from very accomplished producers.  I just want to thank you for your help and wonderful service."

        Alec Whittle
        Seattle, Washington"As soon as the emails went out, I began getting inquiries from Hollywood agents, producers, talent agencies, literary agents in New York and independent producers in Canada and Boston. The feedback was very positive and all done in Internet time. No deals yet, but something is already cooking -- in just one day!"

        Dan Bloom
        Creator of Bubbie and Zadie characters for Hollywood movie
        Chiaya, Taiwan
"I have received over 150 responses to my e-query to film producers and agents about developing a film from a book for which I own the film rights: SHOVELING SMOKE, and 15 have requested treatments and copies of the book.  Thank you for all your good help."

         Morris Dolmatch
         Saratoga, California
"I have used a total of four times now, and each time have been stunned by the wonderful results.  I have referred this service to hundreds of friends and fellow professionals and all have rave reviews. Recently I used Gini's SCREENWRITERS SERVICE to announce the availability of film rights to my newest book FLYING BY THE SEAT OF MY PANTS: FLIGHT ATTENDANT ADVENTURES ON A WING AND A PRAYER. (WaterBrook Press, Random House - May 2005)  As usual, this service delivered more than it promised.  I was stunned by the number of producers and feature film companies asking for the treatment and showing interest in the acquisition of rights to the book.  Thank you Gini, for providing a much needed service that takes the sting out of rejection.  With your service, only those interested reply.  And there is no face to face "go take a hike" or "wasted time".  I love this!"

         Marsha Marks
           WERE TRUE, (May 2004) and FLYING BY THE SEAT OF MY PANTS:
           (May 2005) 

"Because of your service I have signed with an agent for my script ARMADA about the great Spanish naval expedition which set sail from Lisbon in 1588 to conquer London and Queen Elizabeth...In addition, a production company is interested in developing a documentary about this story.  I can't thank you enough."

        Marilyn Piscitelli
        Palm Desert, California"Thanks with your help on my query to film agents and managers for THE MONTANA PROJECT...I have had replies from 29 agents and I have sent out eight scripts."

         Lloyd Benson
         Idaho Falls, Idaho"I just wanted to let you know that I have a very favorable response to your mailing!  I even received an offer to purchase my script for The Psychic Cafe, and the e-mails are still coming in.  Several producers want a script sent to them....I think you're great!"

        Phyllis Esposito
        Staten Island, New York
"The response has been good, with the responses still coming in.  I was really impressed with the quality of the names on your e-mailing list.  Your input in preparing the query letter was helpful as well." 

        Brian Hill   
        Fountain Hills, AZ
"Your service has absolutely exceeded all of my expectations.  With your help, I've received requests for my screenplay from no less than thirty agents and producers, some as far away as London.  I don't know how I ever could have gotten to some of these individuals if I had to go about it on my own.  Thank you so much."

        Steve Miller
        Los Angeles, California"I approached Gini with a concept I had for a new reality based show.  In a short time, Gini helped me put together a marketing letter that resulted in a wonderful response.  Now I have a host of agents and production companies looking to see more, including PBS.  Thanks again, Gini."       

Larry LaRochelle
        Dracut, Massachusetts "I wanted to thank you for your easy to use and helpful query service.  I'm still talking to two production companies that wanted to see a rewrite, which I've now finished.  And I'm still awaiting responses on the first read from five more.  The best thing about your service was its ease of use and the ability to reach a lot of people at one time.  I received a total of about 25 responses from people wanting a copy of the script."       

Amir Epstein
        Oakland, California"I received 6 or 7 positive reactions so far and a few that asked me to send other pitches.  So I feel this has definitely been worth while and would like to try another query for another script in the near future.  I appreciate your efforts and see that there are a lot of companies that are new to me."

        Gwendolyn Hulet        Minneapolis, Minnesota"Thanks so much and thanks for all your follow-ups for my horror/thriller Alabaster, which was sent to both producers and agents and to the e-mails only list. Overall, I've gotten some pretty good buzz on the script.  Overall, probably about 25 requests to see the script, with another 15 pending review of the synopsis.  Not bad."    

   Derek Hill       Pleasanton, California"I am impressed by your service for my Y-Chromosome script.  I had expected that your organization merely would distribute all incoming ideas to potential buyers, but you genuinely do give advice, and I have taken your advice to heart...I received a lot of positive response, and about 9 persons want to receive the script."   

    Jacob Heilijgers
       Jakarta, Indonesia"I'm pleased with the results.  Some of the companies I got from your efforts look like a great match for my screenplay, and I never would have found them on my own.  Thanks for all your help."

      Jan Graham
      Oakland, California
"Thanks a lot for polishing up my query letter.  All of your changes look perfect and the subject line you suggested reads well...I have received a lot of response...and I got a few interesting proposals.   Thank you for your help, Gini...Thanks a million."

       Ivan Efremov
       Moscow, Russia
"I got a great response for both my screenplay about a revenge-seeking cop Road to Redemption and my suspense novel Perfect Partners.  I got dozens of responses from film industry pros, agents, and editors seeking to see my material, and my projects are now under consideration by about a dozen producers and production companies and a dozen book editors and agents  As a Canadian writer, these e-mail queries have really helped me connect with film professionals and major publishers and agents.  Thanks again."

        Dale Mayer
        Author of Perfect Partners and Road to Redemption
  Squamish, British Columbia, Canada"In just a few days, I got interest from a half-dozen producers and production companies in my first script, 3rd, a psychological drama about a young archaeologist. It's based on discovering that feelings of deja vu or a past life are actually passed on from one’s ancestors because of a “memory gene” that encodes past memories of an ancestor.  One L.A. producer was especially excited, since she had often thought about this kind of theory, especially since no film has yet come out on the topic."         

        Capt. John Wiebe
        Kansas City Area, Kansas
Professionals in the Film Industry "Screenplay Writers Connection is an effective conduit for writers to locate
producers, production companies, managers, agents and consultants. In fact,
through our Literary Service, Gini Graham Scott discovered our production
company to package her film. As her producer, we now have investor interest
to finance her screenplay "BRAIN SWAP."      

        Stephan Gray
        Gray Fox Films,LLC
        Beverly Hills, California Musicians and Songwriters "Many thanks to you...IAs a result of my query to producers about using my music in their films, I got several excellent contacts, and as we speak, I am about to begin a film score for a romantic comedy with big stars for a company who needed a composer VERY FAST.  So I'm delighted, with many thanks."

          Julian Anderson
          New York, New York     

  Other Clients "Your e-mail query service was great.  I’m so excited by the quick response I got from about 50 editors at major publishers, most in New York.  About a dozen wanted to see my manuscript, one that weekend, and many others wrote back to tell me they thought my story should be told, though it wasn’t quite right for their list and they referred me to other editors.  I decided to do an e-query mailing to provide leads for my agent, who wasn’t able to get any interest after a year.  I used a brief query letter to tell my story about how my daughter got murdered by her ex-husband who is now in jail.  I also described how I have been seeking Congressional support for a bill to protect children from violent spouses who serious injure or kill their partners.  Now I have several major publishers considering my story and I feel very confident it will be published by one of them next year."

         Kate Weaver
         Author of She Died for Her Kids
         Lafayette, Colorado
"Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Though we have an agent, he hasn't been able to sell our book for the past year.  So we though we'd supplement his efforts with a mailing, and the results were fantastic.  Our query went to about 125 editors, and within 2 days, 7 of them wanted to see the manuscript.   And these were editors from major companies, such as Harper Collins, Random House, Penguin Putnam, Bantam, and Simon and Schuster.  Since then our agent has sent off our proposal to these editors, and we feel quite confident that now we will sell our book."

          Ana Zaharia and Jim O'Reilly
          Saskatchewan, Canada
"I got 60 acceptances to your query!  I just sent out the first proposal to one agent.  If she doesn't take my book, I should be able to find an agent among the other 59."        Alma Bond        Key West, Florida        Member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors        Author of I Married Dr. Jekyll and Woke Up Mrs. Hyde; The Autiobiography of                 Maria Callas, A Novel, and other books "I'm already getting request to see my novel. Within hours of sending the query letters, I received 6 requests for the complete manuscript and 13 requests for the first 3 chapters from agents. These statistics are nothing short of amazing for a previously unpublished fiction writer. Thank you for your fantastic work!"

         Victoria Korson
         Bend, Oregon
"I was delighted by the quick response I got from both agents and editors. In two days, I got requests from 11 agents and 4 publishers to send my proposal about my true life experience, and I was delighted that this included some major East Coast publishers and agents."

          Tony Capria
          Pulaski, New York
Writers “This is a great idea, one that lets a writer concentrate on writing and helps automate the time-consuming process of submitting.  It's based on good experience, too.  Gini Graham Scott is a professional, a fellow member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and a widely published author, who understands how to position and sell articles and books.”  

 Robert Aquinas McNally,
          President,  Northern California Chapter, 
          American Society of Journalists and Authors           Co-author of The Voices of the Rocks
“Thank you for your excellent, informative article, “How to Get a Good Agent” on…Your advice is also excellent. You are fabulous. Thanks so much."                 

  Julie Knight
          Castro Valley, California
"It looks like a very useful place for me to send all the people who keep asking me how to find a publisher or agent."

          Kathryn Lance
          Writer/Editor and Writing Instructor
          Tucson, Arizona
"Sounds like a great idea and I'll be referring a friend today.  Great creative thinking."

          Tim Perrin
          American Society of Journalists and Authors Newsletter Editor
          British Columbia, Canada
Editors “This service is a great and timely idea to help busy writers quickly pitch their book to busy editors who are now on email. It's a good way for writers without agents to break through with a short but compelling pitch. I've also known one of the partners, Gini Graham Scott, for over 10 years, since Prentice-Hall has successfully published three of her books.”

          Tom Power
          Senior Editor, Prentice-Hall Publishing 
Writer’s Referral Services   “Marketing is the toughest part for many writers -- so what a great idea. Publishers and Agents has taken over that chore and leave the writers to do what they prefer -- write more stuff!!”

          Dana K. Cassell
          Cassell Network of Writers
          Publisher: Freelance Writer’s Report


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