e-mail query service, the e-mail goes out under your own name and e-mail address, using a strong subject line to attract interest.  For example, a screenplay query might be set up something like this:

T o:  June Williams, Director of Development
From: Dan Jones
Subject: A High-Concept Drama About a Man's Search for His Lost Clone

All you need do is provide us with subject line and content of the e-mail.  Write it yourself, use our guidelines, or we can write a strong pitch for you.  The key is to keep it short and to the point.  Start with a short log-line (about 60 words), then add a brief synopsis and a brief bio, highlighting what is most relevant and promotable about yourself.  Then, we'll do a final review and polish, including suggesting a subject line if you don't have one, which is included in the service -- though if you need a more extensive rewrite, we'll tell you that. 

Once you sign up for our service, you get a link to a sample template you can use as a guide to create your own query letter.  It's a tested guide that has gotten a good response for us and our clients in the past from numerous producers and agents.  

Once your query is ready , we’ll e-mail it to the producers/production companies or agents/managers or both looking for your type of screenplay.  You'll also get a report listing the companies and the contacts for each company sent your query.

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